Light and Love as the Pulse of the Cosmos

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Title : ONE
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Some pics from one of my favorite mystic writer, Anne Baring

“This book has been written with love: love of life, love of the beauty, wonder and sacredness of the earth and all its species, love of humanity and the sublime expressions of its creative spirit and indomitable courage, love of my family and my close friends, and love of the mystery of the cosmos, both visible and invisible, whose life I serve. In the course of writing it and following the thread of my dreams, I have been able to answer the question “Who am I”? posed so long ago by Sri Ramana Maharshi, and to a small extent discover the nature of the soul whose immense reach into unseen dimensions I had no idea of when I started out on my journey seventy years ago. My quest has been guided by the archetype of the Feminine which has held no place of honour in Western civilization, whether as Nature, Soul or Matter. I have taken as my mentors the great mystics of all traditions as well as Jung because he, more than anyone in the last century, recovered for us the neglected dimension of the soul. I have also, as far as I am able, tried to understand the discoveries of the great scientists which are transforming our view of both the universe, this planet and ourselves.”

Anne Baring / CHAPTER TWENTY/Light and Love as the Pulse of the Cosmos (Link)