The four cardinal virtues

de danizvernariu

Temperance            Prudence               Fortitude                   Justice





Title : m.:b.: Dan Izvernariu-portrait 2013

Photo by: dorisnIzvernariu  2013

Photoshop post prod.CS 6 by : danIzvernariu ©2013 ʘ 6014


Temperance – „properly appreciates the secrets which he has solemnly promised never to revel, will not, by yielding to the unrestrained call of appetite, permit reason and judgment to lose their seats, and subject himself, by the indulgence in habits of excess, to discover that which should be concealed, and thus merit and receive the scorn and detestation of his Brethren. ”

It leaves to every man the indulgence of his own tastes within due limits, and demands not abstinence, but only moderation and temperance, in anything not actually wrong.

Prudence – „Prudence is the true guide to human understanding, and consists in judging and determining with propriety what is to be said or done upon all our occasions, what dangers we should endeavor to avoid, and how to act in all our difficulties.”

Fortitude– „…to bear the ills of life with becoming resignation, „taking up arms against a sea of trouble,” but, by its intimate connection with a portion of our ceremonies, it teaches the candidate to let no dangers shake, no pains dissolve the inviolable fidelity he owes to the trusts reposed in him.  Or, in the words of the old Prestonian lecture, it is „a fence or security against any attack that might be made upon him by force or otherwise, to extort from him any of our Royal Secrets”

Justice– ” who remembers how emphatically he has been charged to preserve an upright position in all his dealings with mankind, should never fail to act justly to himself, to his Brethren, and to the world.  This is the corner-stone on which alone he can expect „to erect a superstructure alike honorable to himself and to the Fraternity.”  In iconology, the general science pertaining to images, Justice is usually represented as a matron, her eyes bandaged, holding in one hand a sword and in the other a pair of scales at equipoise.”