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de danizvernariu

NZL Wellington - Auckland

NZL Wellington – Auckland Photoshop post prod.& Illustration PsCss 6 by : danIzvernariu ©2014 ʘ 6015 New Zealand M ∴ B ∴Dan Izvernariu Workshop This picture belongs to ☤322 THE STORYTELLER

break the line
we have to go
cause theres no way back
where we are comming from ! (Guano Apes- Brake the Line)


DAN IZVERNARIU Alchemist and traveler in my Personal Legend from Darkness to Light , from West to Est , Jungian philosophy adept and member of New Age Global Movement , M ∴ B ∴ .
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Dan Izvernariu Workshop- Digital Art Photography and Post Production
Photo and Photoshop by: danIzvernariu 2013 New Zealand
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Photoshop post prod.CS 6 by : danIzvernariu ©2013 ʘ 6014